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The 748th Tank Battalion, Medium was activated on 20 August 1942 at Camp Rucker, Alabama. The Rhinos headed for Fort Knox on the 15th of April 1943 for training and on 20 April1943 were recognized as a special battlaion equipped with CDL spotlight tanks. They depart Fort Know on 15 July 1943 for Camp Bouse, AZ. On 30 August 1943 they were attached to the 9th Amored Tank Group and arrived at Camp Bouse 1 September 1943 as a Canal Defense Light (CDL) unit.

The Rhinos landed at Glasgow, Scotland on the 6th of April, and proceeded to South Wales. They landed in Normandy on Utah Beach on June 6th, 1944, D-Day under the command of General Bradley who was in charge of the Third Army. Shortly after D-Day, General George C. Patton took over the Third Army and the 748th was reorganized as standard tank battalion after 23 October. The Rhinos moved to the front on January 1945 near Butzdorf, Germany, attached to the 94th Infantry Division near the Seigfried Line to protect an area known as the Saar-Moselle triangle. On the 16th of March, the Rhinos moved to Saarlautern area to support 65th Infantry Division operations to break through the Siegfried Line defenses. Attached to 5th Infantry Division near Bad Kreuznach, Germany, they crossed the Rhine on 23 March1945 near Oppenheim just south of the Rhine Bend at Mainz and became the first Third Army tanks to fight on the East bank of the river.

A note of extreme interest during a period from 23rd to the 30th of March elements of the battalion were attached to three Corps, the VII, XII, and XX and % Divisions, the 5th, 26th, 80th, 87th, and 89th, Advancing with the 65th Infantry Division to Danube at Gundlhausen the 748th entered Regensburg on the 27th of April. On the 1st of May along with the 261st Regiment took Passau and crossed the Inn River into Austria on the 4th of May. The Battalion gathered at the small community of Haag outside Linz, Austria and on the 5th of May the 748th ended the war.


This Memorial is deicated to the fighting men of the 748th tank Battalion by their brother in arms, Henry Leintz, a member of the service company



WWII Veteran Hank Leintz, 94 years young (and his family) was present for the dedication of the monument honoring the 748th Tanks stationed at Camp Bouse in 1943-44. Hank is the last known survivor of his outfit.

ERECTED - Oct 3, 2015 by Lost Dutchman Chapter of E Clampus Vitus, The family of 94-year-old Fargo man and World War II Army veteran Hank Leintz and his extended family, veterans of the 748th Tank Battalion and the Bouse Chamber of Commerce.
LOCATION - 33° 55.903′ N, 114° 0.3′ W. 
Marker is in Bouse, Arizona, in La Paz County. Marker is on Broadway Avenue (Arizona Route 72 at milepost 27) south of Main Street, on the right when traveling west.


748th Marker Dedication - The Chamber of Commerce was very proud and honored to have a very special guest at this dedication -
Hank Leintz (and his family) to honor and remember all his fellow veterans of Camp Bouse and specifically the 748th Tank Battalion



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