Founders Day

Held for the first time in 1986 in November each year it is becoming seen as the first major event on the Bouse Calendar and when the official winter residents are welcomed back for the busy winter season. Held last year at the community park, the event had a Community Lunch, Vendors, a car show and corporate displays. It serves as a fund raiser for the Chamber.

Christmas Event

Initially starting off as 'One-time' event idea (by Chamber President David Buill) to create an event that the community could all claim to be a part of. (The event has involvement in some way by almost every community club and group in Bouse)

The 2nd Annual Christmas Block Party & Christmas Event will be held on DECEMBER 9, 2017

The Christmas Event has several parts:

* A Community Block Party,

* A lighted parade of ATV/UTVs, and vehicles from both community and local business,

* A Community BBQ,

* The Official 'Lighting of Christmas Lights' placed around the Museum, Mining shack, Memorial Park and Flag Pole (adding to the town wide christmas lighting effort by community members and local businesses)

* Community 'Carols under the Stars'.

The idea was to get the community together to celebrate the christmas season as a community.

The event was so successful that the Community and other Chamber members wanted to make it an annual event.


Camp Bouse

Now in its 22nd year as an annual event, The Chamber of Commerce and the Bouse Museum hosts this event the 2nd weekend of February each year.

During the time Camp Bouse was operational in the early 1940's during WWII, thousands of troops from the 9th & 10th Tank Groups occupied Camp Bouse. At the time, Camp Bouse was so extremely top secret that it vbecame the most secretive, heavily guarded military units in the United States Army.

Troop movement was extremely restricted -- once in Camp Bouse, there was no chance of transferring out. Troops were told they were testing a top secret weapon system mounted on top a tank turret that came to be nicknamed 'Gizmo'. and that it would "change the course of the war."

Over the weekend in February there are two actual events:

Saturday - A Dedication Memorial Service at the Memorial Park to honor and remember those that served our Nation through service at the 'Top Secret' Camp Bouse campsite in the early 1940's.

Sunday - The Chamber of Commerce hosts a guided tour of the Camp Bouse site located just 25 miles from the town in the Butler Valley.


While the Bouse community maintains its small town flavor, characters and attitude, you may be surprised by all the things to see and do in and around the Bouse region. Every year locals (both full and partime) and visitors to the area 'Get out and explore'. La Paz County itself offers many recreational areas for your enjoyment, many facilities offer camping, RV'ing, walking, swimming, boating, tennis, basketball, golfing, picnicking, water sports and hiking. It does not really matter what you seek, from the adventurous to just relaxing,

Above is information and links to the three (3) main Chamber of Commerce sponsored events that help make Bouse, AZ an active community. But these are only some of the growing list of events organised by various groups and organizations in the region and in Bouse itself

BUT remember Bouse is a desert community ... so take the appropriate precautions !!!!

DO NOT FORGET that being a desert community some areas are considered remote even in today's technological world.
Add to that the potential dangers of various animals and exposure to the elements and there is always the potential to find yourself needing help.

2017/2018 Winter Season

Oct 8, 2018

1st Chamber Meeting of Season


6:00pm ... held 2nd Mon of each month

Oct 20, 2018 Red Ribbon Parade & BBQ
Nov 2, 2018 First Friday Swap Meet Starts
Nov 9/10, 2018 Founders Day
  Town Wide Yard Sale
Dec 8, 2018 3rd Annual Community Christmas Block Party, Lighted Parade and Carols under the Stars
Feb 9, 2019 Camp Bouse Memorial Dedication & Luncheon
Feb 10, 2019 Camp Bouse Guided Tour

Swap Meet

Held the 1st Friday of the month 
@ the Rest Stop on Hwy 72
for information call 
(928) 852-2509

The Swap Meets have now CLOSED for the Summer.

We plan to restart them on November 2, 2018 AND welcome any new VENDORS.



44362 E. Main Street
(P.O. Box 817)
Bouse Arizona

PH: (928) 851-2509


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